Introducing Prisma Access 2.2

Sep 16, 2021
5 minutes

The emergence of the hybrid workforce with users, apps and data everywhere is forcing organizations to rethink their legacy network security architecture that was built to secure access to on-premises data centers and apps. Now, organizations are accelerating their enterprise cloud adoption and need an industry-leading, cloud-delivered security platform to secure all users, all apps, and all traffic, everywhere. We have made securing this “everywhere access” easier for organizations with the release of Prisma Access 2.2.

Elevating SASE Security

It is our firm belief that SASE must converge best-of-breed security and SD-WAN capabilities in the cloud to deliver exceptional user experiences while reducing security risk. Our Prisma Access cloud-delivered security consolidates more point-products into a single platform than any competing solution, transforming network security and allowing organizations to enable secure hybrid workforces. Unlike competing platforms, only Prisma Access protects all application traffic with comprehensive security while ensuring an exceptional user experience.

Prisma Access 2.2 brings several key enhancements to our market-leading platform, including:

  • ADEM for Remote Networks. Earlier in 2021, we brought Autonomous Digital Experience Management (ADEM) capabilities to market to monitor and manage the digital experience for mobile users. With Prisma Access 2.2, we have extended ADEM to all users—including users at branch or remote offices—by integrating ADEM directly into all Prisma SD-WAN appliances.

    Now organizations gain end-to-end visibility for all users and devices from a single management console without the need to deploy additional agents or appliances. ADEM for Remote Networks ensures the best digital experience for branch users by providing observability in the cloud, applications and across the entire service delivery path, including all WAN links.

    What’s more, organizations can also leverage real and synthetic traffic analysis for both user endpoints and IoT devices to pinpoint and resolve issues easily.
  • SWG Policy Workflow Optimization. As the world embraces hybrid workforces and apps continue to move to the cloud, businesses find it difficult to enforce consistent policies for their users regardless of their location. Typically, Secure Web Gateways (SWGs) are managed separately from other security controls, creating complexity, policy inconsistency, and ultimately leading to security gaps that put enterprises at risk. Prisma Access 2.2 provides a natively integrated cloud SWG and a completely reimagined, user-centric workflow built from the ground up to offer simple and easy-to-define web security rules. With predefined recommendations and continuous assessments based on best practices, customers get optimal security for their organization regardless of whether their users are mobile or at branch offices.

    Now, businesses can go beyond the traditional “allow” or “block” rules to enable more granular action controls to accommodate the emerging needs of their hybrid workforces.
  • IPv6 support for Private App Access. As enterprises and Service Providers (SPs) continue to modernize their datacenter and cloud networks with IPv6-enabled applications and devices, it is imperative that their security solutions connecting hybrid users to internal apps and services support IPv6 traffic inspection and protection.

    Prisma Access 2.2 includes support for IPv6 traffic inspection to private applications to enable secure internal IPv6 traffic between endpoints and private applications for our enterprise customers and solution providers. We will continue announcing extended IPv6 capabilities in future Prisma Access releases.
  • SaaS Security Visibility. As SaaS application usage explodes across enterprises, securing all of them with traditional CASB solutions has rapidly become inadequate. These legacy approaches are complex, require multiple tools, and lack scale, resulting in mediocre security with a high total cost of ownership (TCO).

    Prisma Access already offers natively integrated SaaS Security Inline. With Prisma Access 2.2, we now enable our customers to rapidly discover new SaaS applications to keep pace with their explosion.

    We support more than 15,000 SaaS applications, and our crowdsourced cloud App-ID™ technology leverages the power of our global community to provide automated and continuous discovery and categorization of new and emerging SaaS applications as well. When combined with ML-powered Threat Prevention and integrated DLP, Prisma Access customers now get the best security outcomes without unmanageable and costly patchworks of disparate products.
  • Support for OCR and EDM in DLP.  A best-in-class DLP should scan many documents and file types, including extracting information from graphic formats like images of photo IDs, passports, and credit cards via advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) algorithms.

    In addition, a DLP should also leverage Exact Data Matching (EDM) techniques to detect and monitor specific sensitive data, and protect that data from malicious exfiltration or loss. EDM techniques are designed to scale to very large data sets, and are able to “fingerprint” an entire database of known personally identifiable information (PII)—like bank account numbers, credit card numbers, addresses, medical record numbers and other personal information— stored in a structured data source, like a database, directory server, CSV file, or spreadsheet.

    Prisma Access 2.2 brings powerful OCR and EDM functionality to our leading DLP capabilities.

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