Deliver Exceptional Zoom User Experiences with ADEM and QSS

Mar 29, 2023
4 minutes

At Zoomtopia 2022, Palo Alto Networks and Zoom combined forces to bring you a groundbreaking solution: Autonomous Digital Experience Management’s (ADEM) integration with Zoom’s Quality of Service Subscription (QSS). Now, we’re excited to announce its global availability!

At a time when IT resources are under unprecedented pressure to support the complexities of a hybrid workforce, we’re thrilled to provide your IT team with critical, timely network performance insights so you can expedite troubleshooting and deliver exceptional Zoom user experiences. Let’s take a closer look.

Addressing the IT challenges of a hybrid workforce

IT teams must continuously evolve their infrastructure to keep pace with emerging technology while managing the complexity and risk that comes with supporting the wide-ranging demands of a modern workforce. Regardless of where their “office” is, many workers rely on Zoom to collaborate with on-site, remote, and hybrid colleagues. A variety of variables can impact end users and their meetings, webinar, and call quality.

For example, a user could be sitting too far from their Wi-Fi router, their laptop could be struggling with memory usage, or there could be a problem with their home internet connection. Identifying an issue’s root cause can be complicated, and when the average cost of downtime is $5,600 per minute according to Gartner, every second matters. As a result, IT leaders are under more pressure than ever to proactively optimize the user experience and application performance while minimizing costly disruptions.

A powerful pairing: Palo Alto Networks and Zoom

Palo Alto Networks has been working with Zoom for the past year to create game-changing industry’s-first solutions and value for our joint customers. Zoom’s QSS integration into ADEM empowers your IT team to quickly identify and troubleshoot the root causes impacting meeting, webinar, and call quality so you can consistently deliver exceptional user experiences at an enterprise scale.

ADEM correlates the comprehensive data it generates with the near real-time performance data available through QSS to help admins identify endpoint, network, and service disruptions and reduce time to resolution.

Together, ADEM and QSS enable organization-wide views of the Zoom experience, giving admins the resources they need to optimize network performance, find faster resolutions, and keep business outcomes on track, and at scale.

The best part? Joint customers of Palo Alto Networks ADEM and Zoom QSS can leverage this integrated solution to provide per-minute root cause analysis.

Our customers experience lower ticket volume, fewer escalations, and faster resolution time when getting started with this integrated solution. Here’s a peek at the ADEM and QSS enterprise and user dashboards.

One easy-to-understand dashboard for troubleshooting

IT teams can say goodbye to tool toggling and context switching. ADEM and QSS give you a holistic view of the health and performance of Zoom meetings, webinars, and calls, along with valuable insights you’ll need to find and fix problems quickly.

Figure 1: A look at the new organization-wide view of the Zoom experience and the top bottlenecks impacting users

Debug user issues in near real-time

Front-line support teams can troubleshoot an individual user’s Zoom experience to quickly and easily solve network challenges and reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR).

Figure 2: Actionable insights for individual users and resolve problems before they escalate

What’s next for ADEM and QSS?

ADEM and QSS have a natural synergy as market-leading solutions that focus on performance, scale, security, and reliability. Few solutions can provide the robust, scalable, performant technology necessary to monitor traffic in real-time like ADEM. Zoom offers a ground-breaking application-layer quality of service data points, custom protocols, and unparalleled usability.

Palo Alto Networks continues to build innovations within ADEM and across the Prisma SASE portfolio. We’d love to hear how you leverage ADEM and QSS to improve network performance and drive user satisfaction. To learn more about our AI-powered SASE innovations, check out our on-demand virtual launch event and resources page.


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