Our success is dependent on our diverse and inclusive culture.

Palo Alto Networks remains dedicated to our efforts to celebrate diversity and, just as important, dedicated to ensuring our culture is inclusive and sustains our diverse workforce. Our goal is to create more and broader pathways into tech and cybersecurity through our work with cybersecurity education programs, strategic partnerships, and recruiting channels focused on attracting candidates with diverse backgrounds, abilities, and expertise. Leveling the playing field and making equitable choices for our employees is our active priority. Simply put, our workforce must reflect the world in which we live, and we are always pursuing that as our North Star.

I&D is Our P.U.L.S.E.

Palo Alto Networks inclusion and diversity focus areas are centered around P.U.L.S.E.—Psychologically Safe. Understand. Listen. Support. Elevate. We all know that PULSE in essence means many different things: a heartbeat, the health of an organization, surveying teams to assess engagement. We are taking an holistic approach, and centering our efforts on all of the above, with a deliberate call to action on these key elements. This program aims to engage employees through micro-learnings, podcasts, learning circles, personal stories, events, articles and through our Learning Management System.

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Psychologically Safe

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Actions speak louder than words.

Getting ahead of tomorrow's cybersecurity threats requires a diverse and innovative team of problem solvers. We know that we still have some way to go and that one of the steps toward improving diversity is understanding and being transparent about where we are now.

Our journey requires focused effort and a measured, multi-year need to adapt to changing societal conditions.

We openly share where we are today and the progress we’ve made. We know we have more work to do to realize our ambitions, but we’re committed and will provide updates on our journey and progress on this webpage and our blog.

Our progress and commitments*

    • PANW is a fair pay company: validated by external audit year over year.
    • There is no differential in our promotions for underrepresented talent, validated through our performance cycles.
    • There is no differential in our average interview ratings between gender or URM groups.
    • As of fiscal 2023, 50% of our Board of Directors can be considered diverse based on one or more of the following self-identified demographics: gender, race, ethnicity or nationality. 40% of our Board members self-identify as women, an increase from 33% in the previous fiscal year.
    • Since FY21, 37% of US external hires for Director and above are underrepresented talent.
    • Our commitment to I&D is deeply embedded in our core values and practices. This commitment is not only reflected in our high ratings on platforms like Glassdoor but is also substantiated by accolades such as being recognized for Best CEO, Best Company Culture, and Best Company for Women by Comparably and earning recognition from the Human Rights Campaign, Disability:IN and Military Friendly.
    • Our commitment to I&D is a fundamental philosophy that shapes our identity. As we continue to evolve, we remain steadfast in our dedication to fostering a workplace where everyone feels empowered, appreciated, and excited to contribute to our shared success.
    • 30% of our global workforce are members of at least one of our eleven Employee Network Groups.
    • At the beginning of this fiscal year (FY24), Palo Alto Networks continued its committed and intentional stance to increase diversity at all levels, with a specific focus on leadership at the Senior Manager and Director + positions by kicking off our second annual Underrepresented Talent (URT) program. This program builds a framework specifically focused on our underrepresented talent, positioning them for success as they look to develop in their next role at the company and beyond.
    • Our hiring approach centers on capability assessment and utilizes structured interviewing techniques to promote fairness and impartiality in our hiring practices.

*As of January 2024.

Diversity trends

  • Women
  • Men

All data is self-reported and current as of May 1, 2024
All gender data, unless otherwise stated, represents employees globally

Diversity by role

  • White
  • Asian
  • Hispanic
  • Black
  • Two or more races
  • Other

All data is self-reported and current as of May 1, 2024
All race/ethnicity data, unless otherwise stated, represents U.S. employees only

Diversity by job level

  • White
  • Asian
  • Hispanic
  • Black
  • Two or more races
  • Other
All employees
IC and Managers
Directors and Above

All data is self-reported and current as of May 1, 2024
All race/ethnicity data, unless otherwise stated, represents U.S. employees only

Palo Alto Networks complies with and supports all statutory gender pay public reporting requirements that have emerged around the globe over the past number of years. With governments taking action to highlight this important business issue, we believe it will expedite the realization of equity and fairness for all workers. Our employer statements are posted here for all relevant locations.

France Gender Pay Gap Report

UK Gender Pay Gap Report

Australia Gender Pay Gap Report

Israel Gender Pay Gap Report

Israel Gender Pay Gap Report (Hebrew)

Flexibility and choice embrace inclusivity

We lead with flexibility and choice in our people programs. It is our way of working that celebrates and enables the individuality of each person. Our programs were developed in full collaboration with our employees with inclusion and diversity at the core. It’s been a journey of disruption that has yielded the best of our values at an individual level. Our employees are able to create a work environment that fits their personal circumstances through our approach to hybrid working, personalized career development through our FLEXLearn program, and offering personalized wellbeing support through our FLEXBenefits program.

We continue to offer flexibility and choice whenever possible for employees to balance their needs at work with their needs at home.

“It just feels
different here”

Our people are not afraid to speak up and share how they feel because they know they are accepted. That is our strength. A company where employees are encouraged to voice their ideas, feelings, and concerns and trust that they are heard. It takes courage to be different, to be vocal, to speak up, but when we are our true selves, we give others the power of our unique perspective. Here, our employees share their stories."

February: Excellence in the Workplace Through Celebration

“By acknowledging and appreciating the intersectionality of cultural observances, workplaces can become spaces where every individual feels a sense of pride in their heritage and a shared commitment to inclusivity.”

Monique Hudson, Global I&D Business Partner

Tech, Triumphs, and Tenacity: Tom Lee’s Resilient Journey

“I remember sitting in front of my whole team and saying I need to take time off work. Work always defined me, I’ve always enjoyed it, and I was in tears at that moment.”

Tom Lee, Senior Manager, Program Management

From SE Academy to Full-time Systems Engineer

“The great connections that I built during the academy along with all the experiences equipped me with knowledge and confidence to navigate in the field.”

Ahnaf Wadud, Systems Engineer

Celebrating Inclusion and Diversity at our Winter Fair

“The holiday fair was a joint effort hosted by our eleven employee network groups (ENGs), highlighting the commitment to our values of collaboration, inclusion and disruption. That is a lot to celebrate – who we are, what we believe in, and how we support each other.”

Embracing Diversity Catalyzes Rethinking and Relearning

“If you don't have diversity in your workforce, how can you think differently about what hackers are going to do? How would we be able to approach new challenges differently? Diversity nurtures the capacity to rethink and relearn”

Ricardo Macedo, Prisma Cloud District Sales Manager

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