Cloud Native Security

Prisma Cloud Adds Telecommunications Security Act Compliance Framework
Prisma Cloud has added the Telecommunications Security Act to its list of out-of-the-box compliance standards. With this release, public electronic co...
Apr 17, 2024
How to Build an Enterprise Data Security Team
Leading a data security company comes with great responsibility. A good chunk of my time is spent with security leaders discussing top-of-mind trends and topics.
Apr 16, 2024
Why Healthcare Needs a Code to Cloud Security Platform
The adoption of cloud infrastructure for application modernization is a significant trend, and healthcare is no different. However, the sensitive nature of health data, combined with the healthcare sector's inc...
Apr 11, 2024
Redshift Security: Attack Surface Explained
In our previous two posts, Access and Data Flows and Data Backups and Encryption, we discussed security best practices to implement least-privileged access on Redshift and reduce t...
Apr 05, 2024

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