Prisma Cloud at Ignite '22: What to Know

Dec 05, 2022
7 minutes

Palo Alto Networks Ignite, our company’s annual signature event, is happening in Las Vegas December 12–15. The purpose of this multiday event is to help organizations prepare for what’s next in cyberthreats so they can stay ahead by staying secure.

This year’s event has a packed lineup of Prisma® Cloud clients – Michaels, Payit, Manulife, and Bell, for starters. Industry experts from organizations like Global Atlantic Financial Group will also be there, as well as Palo Alto Networks leaders, including our founder Nir Zuk and CPO Lee Klarich.

We invite you to join Prisma Cloud at the conference to learn about the latest cybersecurity threats and the most effective strategies to protect your organization. Read on to get the information you need to fill out your Palo Alto Networks Ignite agenda.

Sessions at Ignite

The Grand Unified Approach to Securing Cloud-Native Apps

Ory Segal, CTO for Prisma Cloud, will present the evolution of cloud-native app security and Palo Alto Networks CNAPP. In this session, we will go over the brief history of cloud security, market trends, customer needs and how Palo Alto Networks takes a unified, holistic and prevention-first approach to cloud-native application security with our CNAPP solution, Prisma Cloud.

Tuesday, December 13 | 11:30 AM–12:15 PM PT | Level 1, 153

Do You Know Who They Are? Least-Privileged Access Strategy for Your Cloud Infrastructure

Join Bar Schwartz and Cameron Hyde from Palo Alto Networks, along with Wei Dong, global head of unified vulnerability management at Michaels, to learn about:

  • Recent trends and challenges with IAM across multicloud environments.
  • Cloud identity security best practices from Palo Alto Networks.
  • How Michaels operationalized IAM with Prisma Cloud.

Tuesday, December 13 | 10:30–11:15 AM PT | Level 1, 153

Crawl, Walk, Run: Our Cloud Security Transformation with Prisma Cloud

Join Chris Bogaards and Cole Horsman with Global Atlantic Financial Group as they walk through their journey and maturation with Prisma Cloud. They will discuss lessons learned and the importance of proper organization setup, policy definition and classification of preventative, detective and corrective controls.

Using internal controls as a compliance standard baseline, Global Atlantic Financial Group has deployed multiple remediation strategies, app team reporting and preventative controls within the Prisma Cloud platform. In two years, they’ve transformed a “ Wild West” AWS 1.0 environment into a security-first 2.0 AWS environment with the help of the Prisma Cloud stack.

Tuesday, December 13 | 5–5:45 PM PT | Level 1, 153

What’s New in Prisma Cloud

Join Charles Goldberg, senior director of product marketing for Prisma Cloud, and Patrick Chang, vice president of product management, Prisma Cloud, as they talk about the latest innovations in Prisma Cloud, our cloud-native application protection platform (CNAPP).

Wednesday, December 14 | 10:45–11:30 AM PT | Level 1, 153

Best Practices for Securing APIs - 101

Want to learn best practices to secure your APIs? We know that APIs are sprawled across your organization and pose a major security risk. In this session, we will cover the five best practices that all organizations need to know to secure their APIs – including discovering APIs, understanding the attack surface, applying protection and evaluating your security posture.

Wednesday, December 14 | 11:45 AM–12:30 PM PT | Level 1, 153

Container Security 101 - With the Magic of Prisma Cloud

Are you interested in learning more about container security but aren't sure where to start? Are you wondering how to navigate complex compliance requirements while running container workloads? Learn how to embrace containers and achieve your regulatory and security goals using Prisma Cloud.

Wednesday, December 14 | 2:45–3:30 PM PT | Level 1, 153

Code to Cloud: Shift Left with Prisma Cloud

It’s crucial to secure the full application lifecycle within your company. Understanding the Prisma Cloud and Checkov CLI and how you can integrate it into your CI/CD pipelines is a major step towards creating a quality security posture. We’ll demonstrate use cases, talk through a demo and show you how services can help you achieve your security objectives.

Wednesday, December 14 | 4–4:45 PM PT | Level 1, 153

Handling the Stormy Sea of Vulnerabilities

We need to be risk-driven. But prioritizing vulnerabilities and being able to detect high risk becomes more challenging as the number of vulnerabilities you need to address continues to climb, as do the number of CVEs. Assessing a vulnerability’s impact by CVE score alone isn’t enough.

In this session, we’ll show you how Prisma Cloud provides a better approach to identifying the potential risk of vulnerabilities, as well as how to prioritize risk.

Wednesday, December 14 | 5–5:45 PM PT | Level 1, 153

Anatomy of Cloud Attack: Live Demo

Beware no slides or almost no slides. In this session, we will demonstrate a cloud attack and dissect it to discuss the preventive and detective controls needed to secure your AWS and Azure environment.

Wednesday, December 14 | 9:30–10:15 AM PT | Level 1, 153

Other Notable Sessions to Attend

Hands-On Labs: Prisma Cloud

Please join us to learn about full application lifecycle protection in the Prisma Cloud Hands-On Lab. In this short lab, you’ll secure a mobile banking application from code to runtime for the fabricated company, Exampli Corporation. Key activities will include:

  • Validating the configuration and detecting vulnerabilities in infrastructure code.
  • Exploring the full supply chain of the open source packages.
  • Inspecting the container images stored in the company’s container registries.
  • Validating that the application’s runtime state is secure and ensuring the application is protected from web-based attacks leveraging HTTP and API-based attacks.

Wednesday, December 14 | 8:30–10 AM PT | Level 2, 207

Wednesday, December 14 | 1:45–3:15 PM PT | Level 2, 207

Thursday, December 15 | 8:30–10 AM PT | Level 2, 207

Thursday, December 15 | 10:30 AM–12 PM PT | Level 2, 207


CSPM Automation: Best Practices for Operationalizing Prisma Cloud

Join John Martinez and Francesco Vigo as they tell the story about how they leveraged APIs to operationalize our Prisma Cloud deployment at Palo Alto Networks – and automated ourselves out of the job. They’ll also provide additional tips and tricks, such as how to use Prisma Cloud to reduce cloud cost by identifying unused resources.

Thursday, December 15 | 9:30–10:15 AM PT | Level 1, 153

Best Practices for Supply Chain Security of Microservices Applications

Want to protect your cloud-native applications from supply chain attacks? Learn design and architectural best practices for modern microservices applications. Gain insight into our journey at Palo Alto Networks and benefit from lessons learned for securing Kubernetes® applications across the application lifecycle.

Wednesday, December 14 | 8:30–9:15 AM PT | Level 1, 153

Securing Data in the Cloud for a Global Insurance Company

Discuss the process of working with Palo Alto Networks and their Prisma Cloud solution to secure a production environment. This inside glimpse explores the work, how the teams (Palo Alto Networks and Manulife) functioned together, the challenges and the results.

Tuesday, December 13 | 4–4:45 PM PT | Level 1, 153

State of Cloud Security: How Does Your Organization Measure Up?

Join David Snef, national cybersecurity strategist at Bell Canada, as he discusses the security gaps that organizations can face when they go cloud-native. This session unpacks actions to consider based on the unique research. You’ll learn:

  • What successful organizations are doing to secure data and workloads in the cloud.
  • Which security technologies are being adopted, and discuss the impact.

Wednesday, December 14 | 1:45–2:30 PM PT | Level 1, 153

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