Secure Access Service Edge

Strengthen Security & Efficiency: Dynamic Privileged Access
Hybrid work is here to stay, and maintaining business productivity requires that employees have secure remote access to critical projects and informat...
Jun 13, 2024
Prisma SD-WAN Supports AWS Cloud WAN Service Insertion
As enterprises migrate their applications and operations to the cloud, the need for robust, secure, and efficient networking solutions has never been more critical. As such, the su...
Jun 11, 2024
Unlocking Unimagined Use Cases with Prisma Access Browser
The browser has become the main workspace and focal point for user-data interactions, exposing a missing layer in corporate security that requires a solution to secure work where i...
Jun 06, 2024
Embracing AI-Powered Data Security for the Digital Age
Almost every company is becoming a technology company, adopting SaaS applications at a record pace and moving vast amounts of data and applications to the cloud. This drastically differs from the introduction o...
May 29, 2024

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