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Attack surfaces are constantly changing. Never let a change in your attack surface affect your compliance status.

Attack surfaces are constantly changing. Never let a change in your attack surface affect your compliance status.

Attack Surface Management

Constant change is the bane of a compliance officer’s life. However, the digital transformation of moving to the cloud and increasing remote work means your attack surface is constantly changing.

  • Attack surfaces are constantly changing

    Workers move and cloud assets can be created, disappear, or change configuration outside of central security. These changes could affect compliance status.

  • Unknown assets are a compliance risk

    Organizations on average have 35% more assets than they know, and any resulting security incidents can lead to regulatory penalties.

  • Be compliant, improve security

    Maintaining compliance and security operations should work in tandem. Assess risk, maintain compliance, and improve IT operations efficiency.

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Most trusted external Attack Surface Management

Cortex Xpanse protects organizations by discovering risks on the internet that no one else can find. Knowing your unknown risks and keeping track of exposure changes keeps you one step ahead on maintaining compliance
  • Build and maintain an internet asset system of record
  • Continuously monitor for exposure changes
  • Keep third-party risks from affecting your compliance status
  • Find everything you own
    Find everything you own
  • A single source of truth
    A single source of truth
  • Extend to suppliers/third parties
    Extend to suppliers/third parties
  • Automated attribution
    Automated attribution
  • Automated remediation
    Automated remediation

Complete Attack Surface Management

Continuous asset discovery and monitoring

Xpanse scans the entire IPv4 space several times per day to uncover all your internet-connected assets. It monitors changes to cloud assets that may put them at risk, even if those assets were unknown to you.

  • No more unknown assets

    Maintaining compliance relies on having a constantly updated single source of truth. This ensures there is no unaccounted asset.

  • Continuous monitoring

    Cloud assets can appear in minutes. Misconfigurations and accidental exposures are common. This is why you need continuous monitoring of internet assets.

Continuous asset discovery and monitoring

Reduce your attack surface, reduce your workload

Once you identify all previously unknown assets and exposures, you can create more efficient security and compliance processes. This is achieved by reducing your attack surface and ensuring your team focuses on the most important issues.

  • Reduce your attack surface

    Having a view of every internet-connected asset makes it clear which assets can be decommissioned or isolated to minimize your attack surface and remove compliance risks.

  • Automated attribution

    Ensure efficient handling of compliance risks through automated attribution. When you automatically know who owns an asset, issues can be automatically routed to the appropriate stakeholder.

Reduce your attack surface

Build an integrated attack surface program

Integrate ASM findings into security workflows to secure unknown and unmanaged risks. This can be achieved through integration of Cortex Xpanse, Cortex XSOAR, Prisma Cloud, and our broader portfolio.

  • Cortex Xpanse + Prisma Cloud

    Discover all your unsanctioned, unmanaged cloud assets and services with Cortex Xpanse while securing your unmanaged cloud with Prisma Cloud.

  • Cortex Xpanse + XSOAR

    Using Xpanse and XSOAR playbooks, automate routing of exposure notifications and remediation of unknown risks.

Integrated attack surface program

Take control of your unmanaged cloud

On average, companies add 3.5 new publicly accessible cloud services per day--making visibility and control nearly impossible.

Take control of your unmanaged cloud

Increasing cloud complexity

The average company uses five different cloud service providers and creates 3.5 new cloud instances per day, about 20 per week. Organizations need to continuously monitor their attack surfaces for new assets and changes to existing assets.

Increasing cloud complexity

Discover, evaluate and mitigate attack surface risks

XPANSE Dashboard
  • Expander - An attacker view of your attack surface

  • Link - Find risks from third-party and acquired companies

  • Assess - Get a point-in-time snapshot of your attack surface