Stop malware in its tracks

WildFire® is the industry’s largest cloud-based malware protection engine that uses machine learning and crowdsourced intelligence to instantly prevent up to 95% of unknown malware variants inline without compromising business productivity, keeping your organization protected.

Stop zero-day malware with zero stress

Check out the latest innovations in network security with PAN-OS® 11.0 Nova.

See what we observed in 262M+ network exploit attempts

Keep pace with the overwhelming speed and proliferation of modern-day attacks and understand the current state of threats and vulnerabilities.
Secure Shield

A new approach to consuming WildFire for your organization

Join WildFire experts to learn how to expand WildFire beyond the NGFW.

Introducing: Advanced WildFire

Stop 26% more highly evasive zero-day malware.

Stay ahead of unknown threats

Stay ahead of unknown threats

Ensure files are safe by automatically preventing unknown malware variants and recieve protections 60X faster with the industry's largest threat intelligence and malware prevention engine.

Prevent sophisticated threats instantly with no downtime

Prevent sophisticated threats instantly with no downtime

Analyzes 2X more unique malware samples per month than the go-to sandboxing engine for security teams, while inline machine learning (ML) immediately stops rapidly changing malware, such as ransomware and fast-moving threats on the firewall — all with no required cloud analysis, no damage to content and no loss of user productivity.

Complete coverage to secure your organization globally

Complete coverage to globally secure your organization

Available globally to meet strict data residency and compliance needs, WildFire can be consumed as a public service as well as deployed in hybrid and air-gapped environments.

Automatic protection from cloud to crowd

Automatic protection from cloud to crowd

Cloud-based architecture enables protections to be provided in seconds across all network, endpoint and cloud locations from malware seen once in the largest cybersecurity customer network of 85K organizations.

Accelerate your security with faster updates

Accelerate your security with faster updates

Purpose-built and owned, updates are delivered in seconds — 60X faster than any other sandbox solution.

Holistic protection against even the most sophisticated threats

Holistic protection against even the most sophisticated threats

WildFire combines machine learning, dynamic and static analysis, and a custom-built analysis environment to discover even the most sophisticated threats across multiple stages and attack vectors.

Watch this short video for insights into why sandboxing as a malware analysis technique is a vital tool to have in your arsenal to detect and prevent the newest and most critical threats for custom applications.

Prevent the unknown with WildFire

Read the WildFire e-book to learn how advanced analysis capabilities help organizations stay ahead of the latest attack techniques.
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Eliminate risks from highly evasive malware

As the industry's most advanced analysis and prevention engine for highly evasive zero-day exploits and malware, WildFire employs a unique multitechnique approach to detecting and preventing even the most evasive threats.

Reduce risk and boost ROI

With our Cloud-Delivered Security Services, organizations can reduce the risk of a security breach by 45% and save US$6 million in efficiency by reducing their investigation, response and imaging time.

  • 60X


  • 28X


  • 1.1M


Keep your organization safe

Keep your organization safe

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