The Unit 42® AI Security Assessment helps you proactively identify the threats most likely to target your AI environment based on your geography, industry, and more. It combines our industry-leading threat intelligence and AI expertise to develop your unique threat profile and provides recommended security best practices. Empower your organization to adopt the latest AI innovations confidently with the enhanced visibility and security of employees’ use of GenAI and the development of AI applications.

Unit 42 AI Security Assessment Benefits

  • Understand your generative AI adoption risk. Assess the business risks associated with the adoption of generative AI by your employees. Discover and evaluate the use of AI applications by employees and implement controls to manage the risks.
  • Secure your AI development practices. Benchmark how your developers are designing and developing GenAI solutions against industry best practices. Prioritize threat-informed safeguards to secure your AI architecture—from data to model to application UI.
  • Define a threat-informed AI security strategy. Create a forward-looking AI strategy that incorporates emerging threats and best practices, setting the stage for a robust AI security framework aligned with your business priorities.

Unit 42 AI Security Assessment Methodology

Unit 42 offers a threat-focused methodology to empower your organization’s AI adoption.

Figure 1: Unit 42 AI Security Assessment Methodology

  • Set the stage for a high-impact engagement. Understand the threat actors and trends driving unique cybersecurity risks to your current and strategic AI objectives.
  • Uncover your current AI security risk. Data-driven analysis, with collaborative architecture and threat workshops, identifies risks, business impact, and mitigations.
  • Pressure test AI resources. Improve your AI security posture with consultant-led evaluations comparing your current AI security to Unit 42 best practices.
  • Align on AI security vision and roadmap. Partner with Unit 42 to achieve your target state of AI security with a threat-informed report and risk-prioritized roadmap.

About Unit 42

Unit 42® brings together our world-renowned threat researchers and hunters with an elite team of security consultants to create an intelligence-driven, response-ready organization. The Unit 42 Threat Intelligence team provides threat research that enables security teams to understand adversary intent and attribution while enhancing protections offered by our products and services to stop advanced attacks. As threats escalate, Unit 42 is available to advise customers on the latest risks, assess their readiness, and help them recover when the worst occurs. For the latest threat intel and research, please visit