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The Enterprise Buyer’s Guide to IoT Security

5 Must Haves in a Best-in-Class IoT Security Solution

Companies that successfully integrate the Internet of Things (IoT) into their business models stand to reap huge benefits for their own internal processes, employees and customers. But immense growth in IoT adoption has ushered in new operational and security challenges, particularly for IT security teams. Mainstream network perimeter defenses are poorly equipped to address the security challenges arising out of the inflow of IoT devices, and new IoT security vendors fall short in addressing the issues that challenge IT security teams as a whole. To address this, CISOs must consider a holistic “lifecycle approach” to uplevel their IoT security strategy to a new level of sophistication. The lifecycle integrates all stages of discovery of IoT devices and their associated risks with security actions that enforce protections on these devices and defend them from both known and unknown threats. In order to put the IoT security lifecycle into action, CISO's must look for 5 essential must-haves in their IoT security solution.