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Cybersecurity Checklist: 57 Tips to Proactively Prepare

Securing your organization is a journey, not a destination.

It’s up to you to determine where to focus your defense efforts. It may not be possible to ensure that no breach will ever happen, but it is possible to be well-prepared. By taking action now, you can ensure that your organization isn’t an easy target for threat actors. You can also minimize damage in the event of a cyberattack by limiting attackers’ ability to spread through your networks and work out ahead of time what your organization will need to do to remove threats, restore normal operations and recover. 

The 57 Tips to Secure Your Organization is a collection of recommendations from Unit 42 incident response cases and summarized from the  2022 Unit 42 Incident Response Report. This guide is designed to help you focus your efforts to build more resiliency into your security program.