ASEAN Partner TechTalk - September: SaaS Security Posture Management and SASE Use Cases

In this session, we will share updates on the SaaS Security Posture Management and Prisma Access SASE Use Cases

Decades of digital transformation resulting in the bulk of an organization's sensitive data now live in the cloud. Office 365, ServiceNow and Salesforce to name a few; typically contain a wide range of sensitive data every employee in the organization interacts with on a daily basis.

Recent survey by Cloud Security Alliance indicates SaaS misconfiguration is responsible for up to 63% of security incidents. Manually detecting and remediating misconfiguration is leaving organizations exposed more than ever.

Join us to learn how SaaS Security Posture Management can help mitigate these unnecessary exposures with 3 easy steps:

  • Continuous Monitoring & Posture Assessment against best practices
  • Remediation to fix misconfiguration
  • Visibility & Reporting for regulatory compliance

In the Prisma Access section, we will cover the design and use cases on protecting today’s hybrid workforces. Today’s cloud-first businesses need to provide direct-to-app connectivity while reducing the attack surface without impacting performance or the user experience.

Join us to learn more about how Prisma Access can protect today’s hybrid workforces with these:

  • Prisma SASE Design and Use Cases
  • Prisma Access Updates