Cortex XSOAR Threat Intelligence Management and Managed Threat Hunting

1. Singapore Landing


Cortex XDR, Cortex Data Lake, Prisma Cloud and Wildfire is now hosted in Singapore to ensure data residency within the region. Our expanded presence helps enable Singapore-based and other regional customers to protect their digital assets from stealthy threats while also addressing their data sovereignty and privacy needs.


2. Machine Learning Prevention and IoT Security Service


Machine Learning Prevention delivers inline unknown threat protection directly on the firewall. Using a patented signatureless approach, the next generation firewall now prevents unknown weaponized files, credential phishing, and malicious scripts instantly without holding files or web pages and without compromising business productivity. 


IoT Security Service is integrated as a service into our next generation firewall to provide:

  • IoT device Visibility

  • In-depth Analysis of threats

  • Risk assessment and automated policy enforcement

  • Ease of IoT security deployment 


3. Prisma Cloud Identity-Based Micro-segmentation


Identity-based micro-segmentation introduce in Prisma Cloud reduce the scope of lateral attacks for any workload across any cloud. Using identity-based control, allow you to create security policy without touching the underlying networks. The policy also adapts quickly to the dynamic cloud environment for ease of enforcement to reduce operation burden on DevOps and SecOps


4. Cortex XSOAR Threat Intelligence Management and Managed Threat Hunting


Threat Intelligence Management enables you to take control of your threat intelligence feeds, and sharing with playbook-driven automation, allowing you to make smarter Incident Response (IR) decision by enriching and prioritising indicators.


Managed Threat Hunting offers round-the-clock monitoring from our Unit 42 experts to discover attacks in your organization. With this service, you will:

  • Learn about attacks instantly with detailed Threat Reports

  • Stay ahead of emerging threats

  • Receive guidance and recommended next steps to resolve incidents

  • Directly communicate with Unit 42 analysts to review their findings, and

  • Reduce business risk by quickly uncovering stealthy threats