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White Paper

Stop Attackers from Using DNS Against You

Any modern organization requires the Domain Name System (DNS) to run its business, regardless of industry, location, size, or products. DNS is fundamental to every single modern organization, all over the world. It’s also a pervasive but easily overlooked attack surface, and bad actors are using this to their advantage.

Our Unit 42 threat research team reports that more than 80 percent of malware uses DNS to identify a command-and-control, or C2, server to steal data and spread malware. On top of that, attackers are using automation to make it even harder to identify and stop these threats. Meanwhile, security teams are under pressure to enforce consistent protections for millions of new malicious domains and stay ahead of advanced tactics like DNS tunneling.

How can you regain control of your DNS traffic and prevent attackers from using DNS to attack your organization? Our new white paper covers the steps you can take to stop DNS attacks.