Introducing Security for Interconnected SaaS

Nov 28, 2023
3 minutes

The rise of heavily interconnected SaaS applications has brought forward new challenges for enterprise security. As ease of integration increases, so does the risk of unauthorized or insecure third-party applications exposing sensitive data.

For example, Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace each feature thousands of marketplace apps that users can authorize with a single click of a button, bypassing security teams to grant unknown third-party services access to sensitive resources and data.

Outside of marketplace add-ons, many apps also harbor dozens or hundreds of service accounts and access tokens to integrate with other apps and services, which accumulate over years without an audit to assess risk and necessity. Traditional security tools are ill-equipped to handle the web of third-party integrations, add-ons, and plugins that come with modern SaaS app platforms.

It's imperative for cloud access security broker (CASB) solutions to evolve to comprehensively address these emerging threats. We have introduced Security for Interconnected SaaS, a new feature of our NG-CASB solution and available with Prisma Access, to help mitigate the risks associated with the deep integration of enterprise SaaS applications.

Delivering Security for Interconnected SaaS

The Security for Interconnected SaaS capabilities within NG-CASB enable organizations to safely manage SaaS app-to-app plugins and integrations across marketplaces, providing:

  • Visibility across the ecosystem with a panoramic view of all integrations and permissions that allows for an informed assessment of each application's risk profile to maintain only secure, necessary connections.
  • Granular control for SaaS applications to manage access policies that give businesses the flexibility to limit or revoke the use of plugins and integrations that do not align with their security policies or serve a valid business function.
  • Continuous monitoring and auditing with an ongoing scanning protocol to immediately capture any changes in the SaaS environment and assess for risk.
  • Real-time incident response that executes the revocation of risky integrations in real-time, significantly reducing the window for data exposure.
  • Streamlined compliance and governance across the intricate web of SaaS integrations to help provide a more straightforward process through centralized management and detailed reporting to ensure compliance with industry standards and corporate governance policies.

Secure against SaaS integration vulnerabilities with Security for Interconnected SaaS

The Security for Interconnected SaaS capabilities available in NG-CASB with Prisma Access deliver a straightforward solution to protect against the vulnerabilities created by SaaS integrations. By providing essential visibility and control, this new feature empowers businesses to safeguard their data effectively.

Check out the on-demand presentation, “Cover Your SaaS With Next-Gen CASB and AI-Powered DLP,” where I share more about Security for Interconnected SaaS. Take action to secure your SaaS ecosystem and protect your enterprise against the hidden risks of interconnected apps.


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